Cameron Phillips & Safa Michael Riadh Attorneys is a sub-s corporation with origins going back to 1981. From the beginning, Phillips, a former deputy prosecutor, had a strong interest in helping people right the wrongs that had been dealt them. Righting the wrongs, punishing wrong-doers, and exacting financial penalties from those who are the source of our client’s problems, is basically what we do in all the areas of law that we maintain a presence in. That is as true now as it was in 1981.

We started, as most new lawyers do, with a smattering of criminal cases, some real estate disputes, more divorces than we knew what to do with, a few car crash cases, and some of the first “Lemon Auto” cases to be heard in Kootenai County. These “defective product” cases seemed to fill a void, not just for unhappy car buyers, for also the owners of defective products who needed good advice from a lawyer who had a lot of useful ideas about what to do, what not to do, and, more times than not, how to get some big corporation to pay for your attorney’s fees as part of the settlement.

As time passed, and it’s been about 39 years at this point, we’ve learned a few things that can only be taught by doing the work. Insurance subrogation and commercial collection are two areas where we can spot light the skills and persistence of Sara Cummings Phillips to get money paid to our clients that previous collectors’ efforts had missed the mark with. Again, this kind of work just requires a great knowledge of the Rules of Civil Procedure, a fabulous memory, and determination not to let someone take advantage of our clients. If the project requires levying on assets, garnishment of funds in a bank account, foreclosing a lien on real estate, or garnishment of wages, we have the ability to do the job. Sara is one strong player in these kinds of situations, and it was through her efforts that we obtained a judgment approaching $3 million dollars on behalf of Umpqua Bank against a real estate development company in Boise a few years ago. Good job Sara! Sara also helps steer clients through probate matters, and works on estate planning matters as well.

Sara studied at and graduated from the University of Minnesota, and we met at the Hub Room at the Vail Village Inn a long time ago.

About two years ago, we brought a new associate attorney on board. Safa Michael Riadh, who passed the Idaho Bar Exam in April, 2018, graduated from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, University of Idaho College of Law, and was an important participant in Ford Elsaesser’s Bankruptcy Moot Court team that traveled to Las Vegas, and eventually to New York City before losing a close one. Although Safa was born in Iraq and speaks fluent Arabic, he moved with his family to Utah when he was eight, and speaks English like a native. Safa is cutting his teeth on Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Law, and Non Litigation Family Law.

We would be happy to set up a meeting for you and Safa Michel Riadh to discuss any legal matters that might be on your mind. 208-667-5437

Erin E. Webb, who has been working with bankruptcy clients for over 20 years as a paralegal, is also trained to deal with various types of law office specialty areas confidently and competently. She has very strong credentials in real estate, estate planning, and litigation work, and all of those areas come into play from time to time. Erin, however, is a bankruptcy pro above all else, and what she says about a client’s situation, in terms of bankruptcy related issues, generally stands. Erin has such a broad range of knowledge that having her on staff is invaluable to our law offices and to our clients. Erin completed and obtained her AAS from North Idaho College and has been working in the legal field ever since. I (Cam) generally don’t think very long about arguing with Erin about anything having to do with bankruptcy. And remember, Erin is here to help if you have a financial or legal problem.

Deanna Marengo handles most of the phone calls every day, and also keeps the calendar up to date, manages all of the paper and information that comes into the office. She assists scheduling and file creation, and makes sure that when someone is supposed to be somewhere, they are. Deanna’s law office experience makes it so that she is the go-to information source for both our clients and our staff.